Saint Germain Bakery

>> Tuesday, August 10, 2010

red bean bun
Often at school meetings, other parents proudly bring treats from the Saint Germain Bakery. We figured that it was about time that we paid a visit on our own.

We arrived in the early afternoon on summer weekday. Now, normally when we passed by we would see quite a crowd spilling outside. After much deliberation, we picked up a selection of Chinese style and western items. As we left, we remarked that the queue was nearly ten deep.
bbq pork bun

Japanese cheese cake

swiss roll

coconut cocktail bun

apple tart

The apple tart was like nothing we'd had before. The buns were very tasty, and everything else also good. Maybe we just happened to order the right stuff, but we have a hunch that whatever you order will be a valuable contribution to your next meeting.

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