Southside Diner

>> Monday, April 4, 2011

We ate at the Southside Diner only twice during our Whistler vacation. Good thing, too, or we wouldn't have visited as many other restaurants.

We have an affinity for authentic diners. Good, made-from-scratch food at a fair price in a relaxed atmosphere.

On our first night, one of our dishes was a blue plate special, which came with a choice of mixed greens or soup to start. We chose the salad, dressed with a house-made lemon-basil vinaigrette. The Sambal Pork Chop was juicy and tender. Unfortunately it looked so good, we devoured it before we had a chance to take a photo.

The burgers are a popular menu item, and you can choose from beef, bison, chicken, turkey and housemade veggie. Below is a plain beef burger.

The decor was fun, with not only a bunch of eclectic artifacts, but an amazing photo essay titled Living the Dream adorning the walls.

Although the menu states that the Meatloaf, stuffed with spinach, onions and mushrooms, is served with fries and salad, we were given the option of having mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables instead.

On our second visit, we had a miscommunication with our server about bottle vs. draught when we ordered a Whistler Altitude Honey Lager. We are happy to report that at the end of the night, when a fresh keg of honey lager was tapped, we were brought a glass on the house.

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