>> Friday, April 1, 2011

When you are dining out, the entire experience is often as important as just the food. The Mark James restaurants certainly understand this. And the BrewHouse restaurant in Whistler Village North hits the mark in so many ways.

As you may have guessed from its name, the BrewHouse brews its own beer. Although all were appealing, we have a weakness for amber/copper ales, and we quickly settled on the Alta Lake Ale.

The building looked as if it were built especially to house the BrewHouse. The high vaulted ceilings, separate restaurant and bar wings, the wood-fired pizza oven, and the wood-fired roasting pit were all quite impressive.

I, and okay I guess the kids too, were fascinated by the model train that wound its way above our heads.

We quickly established a rapport with our server who maintained a high level of service for the rest of the evening. I think his only failing was that he did not warn us that we ordered too much food, but then again, he must have decided that we knew what we were doing. Oh, the trials of appearing too competent.

To start, we ordered the Wild Mushroom Pizza and this humungous Dungeness Crab Cake. Both were large enough for a meal. We should have taken a clue from the prices, which were higher than we had seen at other Whistler establishments.

Maybe we were just extra hungry, but they sure hit the spot.

We were pleased with the kids menu, as everything was à la carte. Usually, at other restaurants, the desserts are included, which means we're paying for food that our children can't eat.

When our main courses arrived, we were flabbergasted by the portion sizes. Each was enough for two regular people, or, fair enough, one famished skier. The Spaghetti Pomodoro, which we ordered spicy, while hardly ground-breaking, was very satisfying.

People say a little knowledge can be dangerous, but sometimes it can be useful. Since the end of March is well before salmon season, so we knew that ordering a salmon dish would most likely not result in a the use of fresh salmon as an ingredient. Despite this, the Baked Wild Sockeye Salmon was truly enjoyable.

Through the course of the evening, the staff were setting up the restaurant for Earth Hour and by the time we left, it was well underway.

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