The Ivy Oven

>> Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One of the mainstays at the Baker's Market this past season has been The Ivy Oven. Mother and daughter team Lori and Danielle are taking the best organic and ethically sourced ingredients and producing amazing goods, inspired by the best the world has to offer.

Their rustic fruit tarts capture the essence of the pastry: pure fruit flavour with the perfect proportions of crisp crust and sweetness to blast your taste buds. Just look at the apple above and mixed fruit below.

Their maple-oat scones are simply fabulous. Just writing that makes me crave one right now.

Their oh-so-chocolately brownies are like no other brownie we've ever tasted in our lives. Do you see the strawberry welded to the top with ganache?

chocolate brownies
Once you've tasted one of their treats, you face a constant struggle: do I get another of the delectable delights I've already tasted and become addicted to, or do I get something else that will "rock my world."

wrapped up with love
rustic cake
cheese cloth sugar shaker!

lori and danielle
Catch The Ivy Oven at the last Vancouver Baker's Market of the season, December 11, at the Creekside Community Centre in Vancouver, or on December 18 at the Christmas Market in Abbotsford. Check their website for details.

rustic holiday gingerbread cake

P.S. - We wanted to steal The Ivy Oven's snow effect for our blog, but they're on Wordpress and we're on Blogger. It took a lot of determination on our part to replicate their awesome snow effect. Check out their snow, and let us know which one you like better. Yes, it's okay if you say "theirs."


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