Plaisir Sucre

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

On my third trip back to Plaisir Sucre, I chose chocolate for breakfast. A chocolate brioche with a cappuccino. Brioche demands generous egg and butter content to create a rich and tender crumb. If you haven’t tried it before, settle yourself down with a fresh one and get ready for a new temptation. This new French bakery is close enough to home to render it very dangerous. My fourth trip was later that afternoon, but I'll get to that in a moment.

Here we are already ... switching it up with chocolate ... my fourth trip ...
A personal mini cake, this one is really built for two. Well, two people who truly adore chocolate. Rich cake layered with mousse and raspberry and dotted with white and dark chocolates. As much of a chocolate fiend as I am, I had my fill after the first bite. But isn't it pretty?

This fairly new spot is an asset to the neighborhood, and situated across from La Petite France, it creates a petite French hub. The owner is gregarious and generates a friendly atmosphere to practise your French, relax with delicious treats and super coffee, and even let the kiddies play in their own small area. He and his wife bake a mean French bread to boot; sadly, only on the weekends.

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