Pâtisserie Bordeaux

>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sometimes you get in a rut and do the same things over and over again.  Entering Pâtisserie Bordeaux, tucked away in a strip mall at the corner of 10th and Alma, I was determined to order something new.  This poppy-seed pastry caught my eye, and it reaffirmed the notion that you do need to step outside the box now and then.  The flavour and texture of the poppy seeds offset the sweetness and creaminess of the frosting.  I would definitely order this delicacy again.

Next up was this marocain, French for Moroccan. I'm not sure what the connection is, but this sure was a lovely melange of chocolate, rum and almonds. Smaller than a cupcake, it begged to come home with me, promising it would not be too much to handle. And it wasn't.

Instead of stopping in across the street at Grounds for Coffee for their famous cinnamon buns, next time I just may make the less obvious choice.

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