La Petite France

>> Monday, April 19, 2010

Smiling, I began my day knowing I would be sampling from La Petite France, a bakery with full breakfast and lunch menus on Arbutus Street. We used to live only a few blocks away, and we had to exercise quite a bit of restraint every time we walked by. 
While waiting on a friend (excuse the gratuitous Rolling Stones reference), I sat tucked away in a corner comforted by peach-coloured walls and soft French music.

My friend ordered a delicious croque madame, while I ordered pain aux raisins and a coffee. My coffee was served with warm milk (warm milk!) on the side. The pain aux raisins was swirly and slightly sticky and scrumptious. My breakfast date was a delightful repose, but eventually I knew it was time to leave... and bring something fancy home for me to share with my sweetie.

Ah, the coeur-savage was a pillow of meringue, soft, white cake and liquor-soaked cherries. We especially liked the crispy edges of the meringue.

The macaron was everything you'd expect.  The ganache was a good choice for the filling.

On to the Charlotte, a light raspberry mousse surrounded by ladyfingers. As pretty as it was, it wasn't a wowzer but it was enjoyable enough (my husband loved it). I hear they make a large one when Valentine's Day comes around.

The La Petite France folks are super friendly and just lovely. Thanks to their homespun attention to detail and graciousness, it will be a pleasure to return again and again.

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