Comfort Me With Apples

>> Wednesday, May 19, 2010

At times I would like to be Ruth Reichl, surrounding myself with gorgeous, local ingredients and concoctions each day. Living each day around food, opening her own restaurant and then putting it all down on paper. Dreamy. 

Comfort Me With Apples was one of those reads that stays inside of me. Years later, I can easily transport myself to the utopian, sublime descriptions of California, quaint restaurants, trips to France, and delicious tastes and smells.... Yes, I can still taste and smell her meals. Recipes and musings on the art of cooking are interwoven through her messy life, the food remaining her one unscathed constant.

Whether we prepare lavish multi-course home-cooked meals, splurge on the latest trendy restaurants, haunt a local p√Ętisserie, launch a potluck dinner club, or even just read every cookbook at your neighbourhood library, the rituals of food elevate our lives to a joyful buzz. This is a beautifully written book that, through food, gets to the heart of matters.


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