Benton Brothers Sandwiches

>> Friday, June 10, 2011

When Benton Brothers opened their second location on Cambie Street, they began selling sandwiches there, but back at their original location in Kerrisdale ... no dice ... until mid-May when they announced that their enticing sandwiches would be available.

Yesterday, we walked over to the shop and picked up one of each sandwich available. They offer either a whole or half sandwich, and even though the whole sandwiches are pretty big, we went for the whole ones.

First up, we had the Vancouver Island Heritage Ham and Smokehouse Cheddar.

Our second sandwich was a Montreal Smoked Bison with Dutch Master Gouda.

The sandwiches had the whole package: fresh bread from Faubourg, fresh vegetables, flavourful meats, and of course, fabulous cheese. I could not stop eating until my sandwich was gone!

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